Sunfish 1
Alec Finlay, Paul A. Green, Jonathan Greene, Geof Huth, Amy King, Gil McElroy, rob maclennan, Kristy Odelius, Meredith Quartermain, Jed Rasula, John Seed and Scott Thurston.

Sunfish 2
Featuring Allen Fisher, Lisa Jarnot, Gil  McElroy, rob maclennan, Jed Rasula, Helen Vitoria and Nigel Wood.

Sunfish 3
Tim Atkins, Richard Barrett, Gareth Durasow, Stephen Emmerson, Dylan Harris, Gil McElroy and Robert Sheppard.

Sunfish 4
Mark Cobley, James Davies, Ken Edwards, rob mclennan, Antony Rowland, Gareth Twose and Steven Waling.

Sunfish 5
Charles Stein, sean burn, Carrie Etter, Alec Finlay, Amanda Earl and Phil Davenport

Sunfish 6
Stan Rogal, mIEKAL aND, bill bisssett, Ed Baker, derek beaulieu and Sarah Crewe

Sunfish 7
Gil McElroy, Phil Hall, Gerard Greenway, Ed Baker, Chris Jackson, Iain Britton and Felino A Soriano

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